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This holiday season, take your child to Mapoosa!

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

The island – the magical virtual world we have been building painstakingly over the last 1 year is now ready to welcome visitors! We have named it Mapoosa! From thoughts to blueprints to a live product, it has been a …

The promised land.

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

The promised magical land is getting ready to welcome visitors. It is a world where your child can walk around, explore, interact with other visitors, learn and collect cool stuff. It is going to be fun, we promise. If you …

The world better learn!

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

We are working hard on something close to our hearts – something great. We are developing a virtual world that will deliver rich educational content while providing tons of entertainment to students world-wide. We are designing this based on our …