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Gamification of Corporate Training

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

We just completed a super-fun project that involved gamification of corporate training course-ware for a leading IT consultancy firm. We are pretty satisfied with the final game, and are waiting for user feedback. Hope they love it! Fingers crossed. Share

The Fun Theory

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

Can the mundane things in life be made more fun to do? Turns out, they can be. Check out this Volkswagen initiative (Click the picture below) if you think not. Gamification? You decide. Share

Gamification in Education – Part 1

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

Gamification – a term that has come into being very recently, and one that has been used, misused and abused by a lot of us. There’s tons of material on the web that talks about the merits (like this (w.r.t …