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CoBELS @ After-school remedial centers.

Posted ago by Nestor Butlah

Every new classroom has a story to tell. This little boy (in blue shirt) when asked if he knew how to work on the computer replied in the negative and showed hesitation in using the mouse and keyboard. It required …

Callystro featured on YourStory.com

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

A big thanks to Yourstory.com for this wonderful article on what we are trying to do: http://yourstory.com/2014/06/callystro/#. Written by Kirti Punia (@kirtipunia) of Yourstory.com. Share

CoBELS and The 40K Foundation

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

The 40K Foundation (an Australian foundation that sets up ‘pods’ to educate children living in poverty) teamed up with Callystro to conduct a Pilot program using Callystro’s CoBELS Tablet Edition. Here’s a collage of scenes from the pod located in …

CoBELS Tablet Edition for schools

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

The tablet edition of CoBELS, our game based learning platform for schools, is now being used by select schools in South India. Do contact us today to know more about the CoBELS Tablet Edition. Share

Yes, Games are the best way to learn (and teach)!

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of games to teach. Our products Mapoosa (www.mapoosa.com) and CoBELS (www.cobels.in) are  a result our action based on this strong belief. The world is increasingly moving towards using games to teach, and here’s an …