Product #1: CoBELS – Competency Based Experiential Learning Solution


CoBELS is a unique pedagogical tool that enhances learning through a child’s own experiences and actions. It provides a means to help a child carry out activities and be able to derive learning in clear, actionable form. CoBELS is thus a learning solution that provides great quality educational content to supplement the classroom learning. Check out CoBELS here:


“…I could see the great fun that the students and the teacher were having with your software!…”
–    Kalpana Singh, Quality Head, Parikrma Humanity Foundation

CoBELS content is mapped to the NCERT prescribed curriculum, adapting the methodologies supported by NCF, 2005 and CCE. Salient features:

  • Available on Tablets and PCs
  • Develops a child’s analytical, logical thinking; aids a child in learning through her/his own mistakes and able to relate concepts into real life situations in different contexts.
  • Curriculum broken down to the level of competencies to be achieved thereby providing modularity and easy alignment to school syllabus.
  • No teacher intervention required; no added burden on the teachers. In turn helps facilitate teaching in the classrooms.
  • Integrates well with existing Digital Classroom infrastructure

When a lesson is taught to a learner, it has a well -defined objective that should result in a well-defined action that a learner should be able to carry out. This action is the competency that a learner shall achieve. By identifying each such competency from the lessons taught, CoBELS makes the task easier by having definite and measurable learning outcomes. Competency Based Experiential Learning is a solution that transforms each of the competencies that a learner is expected to achieve into an activity or a game. CoBELs offers byte sized learning in packages that children like – games and activities. But the core comprises of translating competencies defined by the National Educational Curriculum and blending it with the right pedagogical methodologies before presenting it to the learners.


Product #2: Journey Towards Financial Literacy


Financial literacy is an important life skill for the holistic development of every student. But the challenge has always been to make children understand the various financial concepts in a simple manner that’s easily understood. In addition to that, we also wanted children to relate these concepts to real life situations. Plus, we wanted to make finance fun! Keeping all these in mind, we designed this comprehensive, 19 level Financial literacy game that children will enjoy playing (err…learning). The game levels map to the topics covered under NCFE’s National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NCFE-NFLAT)

NCFE-NFLAT is a first of its kind national level test, to measure the level of financial literacy among school students. Through this test NCFE aims to encourage school students to obtain basic financial skills which are essential for their full participation in society.Targeted towards school students of Class VIII to X, NCFE-NFLAT would assess their knowledge on topics such as Money, Savings, Banking, Budgeting, Insurance, Investment, Retirement planning, etc. The test is conducted online across the country, both in English and Hindi.

‘Journey Towards Financial Literacy’ – the gamified course content is an ideal study material for NCFE-NFLAT test, and helps students understand Financial concepts well. This gamified course was also selected by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) for installation in the Financial Literacy Centre of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

To get instant access to this comprehensive Financial Literacy learning game totally FREE, click here:

You could also download the Android app here:


Product #3: Mapoosa


An average child today spends a significant amount of time on the web – playing games. What if we, as parents, could use this time and means to effectively extend their learning time? This is the philosophy behind Mapoosa. Mapoosa is a social world where children learn through play, and parents have complete control and visibility into a child’s activities and progress. Mapoosa is an online school of sorts – It is ‘Virtual World’ where concepts taught in schools are ‘taught’ and reinforced through exploration, experience, games and a lot of fun. Children get to create their own avatar, meet other children from various parts of the world in a very safe environment, learn from each other and healthily compete to achieve various learning goals without the pressures associated with the traditional learning mechanisms. Mapoosa is presented to children as a long-lost island which, until recently, was not discovered by explorers. Hence, Mapoosa evolved and developed very differently from the rest of the world. Mapoosa has an old world charm, is inhabited by good natured people, and the daily life in Mapoosa can be described as simply as “controlled chaos” – which enhances the fun element. Do check it out here:

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Product #4: PoSH – Engaging Game on Prevention of Sexual Harassment At Workplace


While there has been increase in reporting the cases of Sexual harassment At Workplace, it has been found that around 70% women still do not report these cases in fear of facing the repercussions from their employers. Do we know that we have a Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act established in 2013? Did we know that this Act applies to cases of harassment outside the office premises as well or that it applies to the unorganised sector as well?

Callystro brings in an engaging game that apprises people about the nuances of the act and how people can benefit from it if they face any case of sexual harassment.

The game is available for FREE on Android PlayStore and iTunes.

The game can be white labeled and customised to be used by companies as per their POSH policies. Play it for FREE!




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