Games in the classroom: Some interesting perspectives

So we did a short technology training for teachers in one of the schools where we have installed CoBELS, our curriculum aligned learning games product. The principal and the teachers there were gung ho about using digital games in their classrooms (something most schools in India haven’t yet warmed up to!) to make the class more interactive, and they talked about the challenges in doing so. Two of the main issues they brought up were the difficulty in finding curriculum aligned games, and time. Well, this recent research report (based on a survey done among teachers in the U.S)  from brought up precisely these 2 challenges, along with many more:

The report also has interesting data on the kind of students they think benefits the most through the use of game based learning tools, like this one below:



Slowly, but surely, teachers have begun exploiting the power of games to enhance the learning experience. This article by – has beautifully captured the challenges that teachers are trying to overcome.

Would you like to use games in your classroom? Tell us and we will be glad to help.

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