Financial Literacy for Students


Callystro has teamed up with American India Foundation (AIF) to develop an innovative game based financial literacy content to help students prepare for National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NFLAT). Conducted by NCFE, NFLAT is a national level test to measure the level of financial literacy among school students. (As per NCFE’s website: “Through this test NCFE aims to encourage school students to obtain basic financial skills which are essential for their full participation in society. Targeted towards school students of Class VIII to X, NCFE-NFLAT would assess their knowledge on topics such as Money, Savings, Banking, Budgeting, Insurance, Investment, Retirement planning, etc. The test is conducted online across the country, both in English and Hindi.”)

This financial literacy content would cover the following topics, and is a great tool to introduce students to real world financial awareness:

  • Money Matters: Smart Goals and Financial Analysis
  • Budgeting: Balancing the Means and the Ends
  • Understanding insurance and risk management
  • Understanding Investments
  • Basics of Banking
  • Introduction to Stocks and Bonds
  • Investments: The wider Spectrum
  • Beyond Savings: Borrowing
  • Retirement as a financial goal

This unique, fun financial literacy product will be open for purchase by end of the year, and will be available on PC and tablets. If you are interested to know more, do contact us or comment on this post.

******* Update January 2015:

The Financial Literacy learning game is now available! Play the online financial literacy game here:, or download the financial literacy app from the Google Play store:

‘Journey Towards Financial Literacy’ is an ideal study material for NCFE-NFLAT exam for students in grades 8,9,10. Trainers could also use this as course material that could be given out to students.

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