Educating workers about Sexual Harassment At Workplace – A game based learning approach

sexual harass


Sexual Harassment is one of the biggest problems our women are facing today in different sectors of life. We rarely pass through a week without a reminder of these kinds of incidents.

One of the difficulties is to understand this concept as it involves a range of behaviours, even the victims find it difficult to explain what they experienced. There have been efforts from both national and international level still there is no single definition which can define prohibited behaviour.

The landmark case of Vishaka and others Vs. State of Rajasthan laid down guidelines for the preventing and redressel of the complaints by women who were sexually harassed at workplace. The Guidelines entrusted the Employer with the obligation to provide a safe and woman friendly environment. This was established as a Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act for Women in 2013.

It was mandated that any company employing more than 10 people need to implement the guidelines laid down by the act. It applies to both organised and unorganised sector.

In an endeavour to explain the nuances of the act and situations in which it applies, Callystro introduces an engaging 12 level game that explains the complete act in detail.  The game covers pre assessment and post assessment modules that can be customised. The game is available across multiple platforms.

In case you would like to explore this further, please feel free to reach out to us.

Here is a sneak peek of the game.

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