CoBELS at Srishti School



Our latest offering is in Srishti schools,Delhi, in partnership with Nucleus Software Foundation. Its been a month since tablets were handed over to learners from grades 1-3. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. Children are all enthused to play games on the tablets. The best part is that teachers have started seeing value in this.

According to them, within a month itself they see a significant rise in attendance among the children.
They also see a higher engagement in classrooms. The fact that teachers see value in the solution is a very positive step towards achieving effective learning. In the coming months, we need to structure the usage well to make it more effective in long term.




Another interesting fact – learners of grade I skipped the “story” part in the tablet and moved to games. When asked why only games, they said since they can’t read they could not go through the stories but can still play games.

This really reaffirms our belief that game based learning can break the literacy barriers to achieve learning.

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