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Teaching Supply Chain Management through a game!

Posted ago by Nestor Butlah

Recently we developed a game for a leading multinational company on Supply Chain Management. The game can be used to understand the basic concepts of inventory management and order fulfilment to maximise profits and minimise losses. Its an interesting way …

CoBELS @ After-school remedial centers.

Posted ago by Nestor Butlah

Every new classroom has a story to tell. This little boy (in blue shirt) when asked if he knew how to work on the computer replied in the negative and showed hesitation in using the mouse and keyboard. It required …

Callystro at Jumpstart Event 2016

Posted ago by Nestor Butlah

Game based learning discussed at the Jumpstart Event 2016. Indication of good times to come? Will game based learning be recognized as formal tool for learning? Full article here: Share