15-Day Free Tryout Invitation to our Learning Games Project

Posted ago by Nestor Butlah


CoBELS is making a deep impact in the way thousands of students are learning across the country. It has provided a means for students to apply theory they learned in class – by playing, making mistakes and thereby understanding concepts in a much more deeper, meaningful manner. Now, we would like to offer you a chance to experience this wonderful new way of learning by giving you a 15-Day, totally FREE, premium access to CoBELS. More than 250 learning games mapped to curriculum – totally free!

Use coupon code COBELS15 to gain access now! (To redeem, follow the steps listed below:)
– Go to www.cobels.in/Learn_maths_Online
– Click ‘Redeem Coupon’, fill in the details.

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CoBELS featured in Nasscom’s ‘Tech for Good’ report

Posted ago by Sampath Menon


Nasscom’s ‘Ideas that impact’ report has some great case studies on how tech is being leveraged for social impact. Happy to see our learning games product CoBELS (www.cobels.in) make the cut. Access the report at: https://www.nasscomfoundation.org/user-resources/reports.html

Class 8 Maths practice questions: New App

Posted ago by Sampath Menon


We are working on getting a Maths practice questions app to the Google Play store soon. Based on the response, we will get similar apps for the rest of the grades too. This app will have more than 1000 questions based on the topics taught in Class 8, and will be a great tool for children to review concepts and prepare for competitive exams. If you would like to get notified when the app releases, do get added to our mailing list (See the box on top right of this page), or like us on Facebook. Here: https://www.facebook.com/CallystroSocial

Launched: Missile Attack Geometry Games

Posted ago by Sampath Menon

Our newest learning game – Missile Attack Geometry Games – is now available in Google Play Store. This consists of a set of free games that covers the various Geometry concepts of Class 6,7 and 8. Please download, play with your child and let us know your feedback.


Dodo Panda is here!

Posted ago by Sampath Menon


Here’s a fun, classic memory game that we released just yesterday on the Google Play store: Dodo Panda Memory Trainer.
The first version includes 25 fun levels featuring 3 different kinds of memory training games, i.e, memory match, pattern match and recall. The levels increase in complexity, and the final levels can be quite tough.

Try it out today, and let us know your feedback. The panda awaits!