Teaching Supply Chain Management through a game!

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Recently we developed a game for a leading multinational company on Supply Chain Management. The game can be used to understand the basic concepts of inventory management and order fulfilment to maximise profits and minimise losses. Its an interesting way to learn a very mundane and tricky topic. See the preview here. We every passing project, we are getting more confident that we can gamify almost anything! Bring it on!


CoBELS @ After-school remedial centers.

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Game based learning - CoBELS

Every new classroom has a story to tell. This little boy (in blue shirt) when asked if he knew how to work on the computer replied in the negative and showed hesitation in using the mouse and keyboard. It required 5 mins of guidance to get him comfortable. By the end of the session, he was teaching his peers how to play the games. Such is the power of group learning!

Our latest installation of CoBELS at the after school remedial centers in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai run by SMILE Foundation. The solution has been blended with game based assessments that can assess the learners from time to time and be able to carry out impact assessment.


Educating workers about Sexual Harassment At Workplace – A game based learning approach

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sexual harass


Sexual Harassment is one of the biggest problems our women are facing today in different sectors of life. We rarely pass through a week without a reminder of these kinds of incidents.

One of the difficulties is to understand this concept as it involves a range of behaviours, even the victims find it difficult to explain what they experienced. There have been efforts from both national and international level still there is no single definition which can define prohibited behaviour.

The landmark case of Vishaka and others Vs. State of Rajasthan laid down guidelines for the preventing and redressel of the complaints by women who were sexually harassed at workplace. The Guidelines entrusted the Employer with the obligation to provide a safe and woman friendly environment. This was established as a Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act for Women in 2013.

It was mandated that any company employing more than 10 people need to implement the guidelines laid down by the act. It applies to both organised and unorganised sector.

In an endeavour to explain the nuances of the act and situations in which it applies, Callystro introduces an engaging 12 level game that explains the complete act in detail.  The game covers pre assessment and post assessment modules that can be customised. The game is available across multiple platforms.

In case you would like to explore this further, please feel free to reach out to us.

Here is a sneak peek of the game.


The year that has going by…

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Another year comes to an end for Callystro. Like other years, we have had our hits and misses, high and lows.  But we are marching ahead and establishing game based learning as a learning tool across sectors.

We have now over 55000 learners using our products across different platforms. We developed some new partnerships, the key being EkStep, India Shelters, and Indus Leap.

These partnerships took us to over 35 new schools using our CoBELS and financial literacy products.

Having worked on a few corporate game based learning solutions, we realised how these can be effective learning tools for adults as well and now establishing ourselves in this space through our own product on Sexual Harassment At Workplace game coming very soon!

The year wrapped up with us winning the prestigious Mobile For Good Awards under the “Leading Changemaker-Education” category by Vodafone Foundation.

Every award is a vindication of our work and gives us impetus to move forward.

We are ready to embrace 2017 with new ideas, products, partnerships. Hope this year brings in more successes for Callystro and we can reach out to many many more learners who adopt game based learning solutions.

Callystro at Jumpstart Event 2016

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deccan herald

Game based learning discussed at the Jumpstart Event 2016. Indication of good times to come? Will game based learning be recognized as formal tool for learning?

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