Reaching out to Affordable Schools

Callystro Infotech Pvt. Ltd, is an eLearning solution development organization formed by a team of like minded professionals from education development sector and IT sector. We are aiming towards creating an advanced yet simplistic eLearning solution that could cater to the rural and urban learners alike. We want to be key differentiators in this space by virtue of building in the right pedagogy behind the technology and not just rehash the traditional teaching methodologies into a fancy audio-visual medium.

We are one of the 20 startups to win the 2012 ET Power Of Ideas (conducted by Department of Science and technology and IIM, Ahmedabad). We are among the top 4 education startups selected by the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund education cohort in 2013.  We are also the winners of NASSCOM social innovation honours, 2014.


2012 ET Power of Ideas –

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2014 NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours –

What is CoBELS?

CoBELS is a unique pedagogical solution that enhances learning through a child’s own experiences and actions. It provides a means to help a child carry out activities and be able to derive learning in clear, actionable form. CoBELS is thus a learning solution that provides great quality educational content to supplement the classroom learning. Check out CoBELS here:

More about CoBELS:

  • Provides a learner centric than a teacher centric approach.
  • Is interactive (the interactivity not being limited to page turners and MCQs) so as to provide an experiential learning environment by providing activities and games that are be carried out by the child. The activities to be mapped directly to the competencies identified by the national curriculum such as NCERT and state curriculums.
  • Creating a competency based curriculum focused on definite learning outcomes of learners.
  • Conforms to the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (2005) and CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) that redefine pedagogy with a focus on quality education.
  • The content is targeted to the urban and rural areas alike and is sensitive and relevant to the socio economic and cultural setting in which they belong.
  • The content does not assume any reading capability or computer literacy thus motivating even out of school children to be able to access it.
  • Develops a child’s analytical, logical thinking; aids him in learning through his own mistakes (thereby not providing any direct right or wrong answers) and able to relate concepts into real life situations in different contexts.
  • Prime focus on primary classes, specifically targeting the hard spots found in upper primary classes (VI-VIII) which is one of the reasons for large drop out rates.
  • A compelling and engaging short duration content that holds a child’s attention and retention of concepts.
  • A multilingual framework that seamlessly ports the entire content to several Indian languages.
  • Removes the limitations of scalability of providing Teaching Learning Materials and teacher training across schools.
  • A portable solution that could be deployed through different mediums (computers, tablets, phones etc.).
    Check out CoBELS here:

How does CoBELS work for Affordable schools?

CoBELS has been designed keeping the low cost school segment in mind. The solution has been widely adapted in these schools. Check out some of the impact stories in these schools here.

CoBELS can be deployed such that it can be used in a teacher facilitated classroom or be used as a self paced learning solution by each learner. It can be accessed online, or installed offline in school computers.

Callystro works with several NGOs/Foundations to scale up the solution to as many schools as possible. Check out our partners here.

How can we be reached?

Reach us out at:

Ph: 9810835352
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