Reaching out to Affordable Schools

Callystro products have been designed keeping the learners in Affordable School segment in mind. With more than 90% of its users in this segment, Callystro has successfully been able to adapt to the needs of the learners and has been able to provide a successful delivery model within the constraints of these schools.

In order to achieve impact through its solutions, Callystro just does not offer the Digital solution but helps:

– Training the facilitators
– Mapping the school curriculum to the digital content.
– Helping partners in effective Monitoring and Evaluation.
– Conducting online and offline assessments to gauge the impact.

The solution has been widely adapted in the schools.
Check out some of the impact stories in these schools HERE.

CoBELS can be deployed such that it can be used in a teacher facilitated classroom or be used as a self paced learning solution by each learner. It can be accessed online, or installed offline in school computers.

Callystro works with several NGOs/Foundations to scale up the solution to as many schools as possible. Check out our partners HERE.

Some Testimonials can be found HERE.

And checkout some action from the field here:


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